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Lider Gübre runs its operations while showing consideration to the concept of protecting the environment and human life for meeting the needs of the society, its target audience and employees;

The company considers safety, environmental impact and quality standards in all aspects of its activities, from production to distribution and to application for its employees, customers and the society it belongs to. The aim here is to reach sustainable quality and customer satisfaction through an effective and reliable production system

Subjects of safety and environment are meticulously monitored by Lider Gübre's executive management and the employees with "Zero Accident" and "Respect to Environment" principles.

Occupational Safety

As a company always setting “being a leader and best in its field” as a target, Lider Gübre, which adopted the principle of reaching impeccability in occupational safety issues, aims having safe, sound, secure and healthy environment for its employees. Every employee working in a safe environment produces efficiently.

Imposing working with zero accidents principle at the workplace, that all vocational accidents, injuries, safety and environmental breaches can be avoided and The most important factor 'Human Factor' that is adopted. The company believes that the way to eliminate "Human Factor" effect is trained manpower and safety management. The company carries out all the training, risk analyses and emergency action plans for safety procedures in the workplaces.


Our goal in protecting the environment; rapidly increasing food needs of the world population while trying to support with the production of fertilizers, on the other hand to minimize damage to the environment and the delicate balance that is set up. At our production facilities, water resources and eco-systems to prevent damage to the environment, by implementing the obligations of the law, our activities are carried out with great care. At Lider Gübre, all processes are followed strictly and for improvements opportunities are being evaluated.


All levels of management and employees at Lider Gübre are certified by an organization that specialized in Occupational and Environmental Safety with periodic trainings.

You can check our company's Organic Congruity to click on TURKGAP's logo than input certificate number TR-OT-013-MS-İ-27-İ-01/2017-008.

Lider Fertilizer
Organized industrial Zone, 1. Kısım, Antalya Boulevard, No: 13 Dosemealti Antalya-TURKEY
+90 242 321 19 98

T.C. 5262 Sayılı Organik Tarım Kanunu ve İlgili Organik Tarımın Esasları ve Uygulamasına ilişkin Yönetmeliğe uygun olarak üretilmiş olup, TR-OT-013 kod numaralı TURKGAP Tarım Uygulamaları Kontrol ve Sertifikasyon Hiz. Ltd. Şti. tarafından kontrol edilerek sertifikalandırılmıştır.

İşletmenin Organik Tarım Kodu: TR-OT-013-İ-27
Müteşebbis Sertifika No: TR-OT-013-MS-İ-27-İ-01/2019-006

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