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Our Vision

To be one of the leading forces of Turkey's growth in our areas of operations, namely, Plant Nutrition-Industry.

Our Mission

While keeping our faith to our company’s considered principles, we aim to focus on our areas of operations, deliver the highest quality products and services, become leader of our segments, and at the same time, generate value for all of our stake-holders, namely, our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the society.

Our Values

We undertake to continue our operations within the framework of below values as a responsibility for the benefit and future of our community and country:

We are aware that our future depends on the future of Turkish Agriculture. Therefore, we carry out our operations not only as a commercial activity but as set of services that will contribute to the development of agriculture sector.

We respect labor. We appreciate the great efforts of the farmers and offer them all products and services to help them get the high production rate and efficiency.

We support all kinds of activities and trainings towards our employees, shareholders and farmers who are the reason for our being.

We are a big and intimate family that generates its power from its values in coordination with our employees and distributors.

We pay ultimate attention to team work. We are aware that only team work and Total Quality Management can allow remarkable achievements.

We elbow the innovative product, service and practices and reiterate our role as an innovative company and leadership by following the principle of continuous development.

We never make concession to our institutional values and principles that make our brand a symbol of trust.

Believing quality is the natural right of the customer. We offer the best services and products to them in the most competitive terms by following the total quality understanding.

We value human life and show our appreciation by our safety applications. We take all the possible precautions to allow our employees work in a secure workplace.

For the purpose of leaving a better world for the next generation, we form our activities in environmental consciousness. In order to reduce the environmental risks, we carry out all the necessary investments and we take measures to improve environmental consciousness among our employees, as well.

We show paramount interest in the social responsibility projects, cultural and scientific activities for raising the social awareness and support all the related activities.

You can check our company's Organic Congruity to click on TURKGAP's logo than input certificate number TR-OT-013-MS-İ-27-İ-01/2017-008.

Lider Fertilizer
Organized industrial Zone, 1. Kısım, Antalya Boulevard, No: 13 Dosemealti Antalya-TURKEY
+90 242 321 19 98

T.C. 5262 Sayılı Organik Tarım Kanunu ve İlgili Organik Tarımın Esasları ve Uygulamasına ilişkin Yönetmeliğe uygun olarak üretilmiş olup, TR-OT-013 kod numaralı TURKGAP Tarım Uygulamaları Kontrol ve Sertifikasyon Hiz. Ltd. Şti. tarafından kontrol edilerek sertifikalandırılmıştır.

İşletmenin Organik Tarım Kodu: TR-OT-013-İ-27
Müteşebbis Sertifika No: TR-OT-013-MS-İ-27-İ-01/2019-006

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