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Lider Gubre was established to improve agricultural productivity at 2007.

At base of commercial activities, openness, transparency, honesty and mutual respect, obedience the etic value, sensitive environment, social responsibility are main principles. Lider Gubre has responsibilities against customers, workers, society and environment as a item and service producer. institutional, technology, motivation of staff and gladness of customers consist of the main trajectory of company. From establishment, serve up modern service by not to concede rigid quality understanding , consciousness of that perfection is secret at details and target of " always better level ". Improve the quality standart regularly and progress toward target of to be leader company at in existent market. To reach the target, keep in forefront that provide to build customer confidence and pleasure.

In light of this toughts, continuous improvement and learning as core values is located in the company culture.

You can check our company's Organic Congruity to click on TURKGAP's logo than input certificate number TR-OT-013-MS-İ-27-İ-01/2017-008.

Lider Fertilizer
Organized industrial Zone, 1. Kısım, Antalya Boulevard, No: 13 Dosemealti Antalya-TURKEY
+90 242 321 19 98

T.C. 5262 Sayılı Organik Tarım Kanunu ve İlgili Organik Tarımın Esasları ve Uygulamasına ilişkin Yönetmeliğe uygun olarak üretilmiş olup, TR-OT-013 kod numaralı TURKGAP Tarım Uygulamaları Kontrol ve Sertifikasyon Hiz. Ltd. Şti. tarafından kontrol edilerek sertifikalandırılmıştır.

İşletmenin Organik Tarım Kodu: TR-OT-013-İ-27
Müteşebbis Sertifika No: TR-OT-013-MS-İ-27-İ-01/2019-006

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